CO20 the software supporting the SECAP

CO20 has been designed and developed by TerrAria specifically to support the definition and preparation of the Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plan (SECAP) in the path provided by the Covenant of Mayors, that allows you to:

  • build energy - emission municipal invetories (Baseline Emission Inventory and Monitoring Emission Inventory);
  • assess, ex-ante, the effectiveness of local interventions to achieve the EU emission reduction targets: -20% (2020), -40% (2030);
  • check and monitor over time the effectiveness of the intervention plan;
  • disclose through the web of the municipality commitments.
Download the brochure
Download the brochure
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CO20 is provided as a software as a service with an access through a browser web; the cost of the service depends on the duration, the version and the number of inhabitants.

Faced with the constant demands of the municipalities to be more aware of public building energy consumption, CO20 has been expanded including the monitoring of such consumptions, supporting all the analysis required to identify energy waste: this extended version is called CO20 Plus.

CO20: conceptual architecture